• ✅EFFECTIVE EPA:DHA RATIO: Premium, bio-available omega 3 essential fatty acids in the most optimal health friendly EPA: DHA ratio. It is completely natural, dairy-free and gluten-free.
  • ✅HEAVY METAL FREE: Muscle Science Fish Oil is manufactured at a FSAAI registered & inspected facility and has been purified to remove mercury
  • ✅NO FISH BURPS: Muscle Science Fish Oil have provided an effective solution to customers who face trouble with the fish burps while taking the Omega 3 Supplement
  • ✅OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID FOR YOUR SKIN & HAIR: Studies suggest that Omega 3 fish oil help nourish skin, fight acne and boost hair growth
  • ✅MEGA 3 FISH OIL SUPPLEMENT FOR YOUR MUSCLES: By improving the MPS & protein synthesis, Omega 3 aids in improving muscle strength and muscle recovery.

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Muscle Science Omega 3 Fish oil capsule | 60 Capsules for men & women for Healthy Brain, Heart, Eyes, and Joints Health


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