•  INTERNATIONAL GRADE WHEY: Whey Fusion Hydrolysed is premium Whey blend (Hydrolysate + Isolate) with Grass Fed Whey using international standard whey imported from the USA to help you with superior muscle gain and rapid recovery.
  •  BOOSTS PERFORMANCE: The high-quality protein offers 25g protein per serving with minimal calories, fat and no added sugar. Whether you engage in aerobic or resistance training, Whey protein supplementation helps you get the best out of every workout.
  •  HIGH CONCENTRATION OF BCAA ,EAA & GLUTAMINE : The high concentration of amino acids 11.75g EAA, 5.5g BCAA & 4.4g Glutamine in Whey Fusion Protein help promote anabolic response by maximizing muscle protein synthesis, helps preserve muscle glycogen stores, and minimize protein breakdown
  •  ENRICHED WITH DIGEZYME: Whey Fusion protein supplement for men and women contains DigeZyme, a digestive enzyme blend that enhances protein digestion and absorption so that you get the best out of your protein powder.
  •  AUTHENTIC & QUALITY ASSURED: Whey Fusion is 100% authentic and goes through stringent analysis before it finally reaches the customers. It is manufactured at an FSSAI approved and GMP certified manufacturing plant. The product has unique scratch code at Jar which allows you to validate the authenticity of product before opening the seal.
  •  Whey Fusion is available in delicious flavours like Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, Fruit Cake, and Kesar Pista.

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Muscle Science Whey Fusion Hydrolyzed Blend | CHOCOLATE 1 KG