• POWER-PACKED FORMULA: MuscleBlaze Pre-Workout 300 is fortified with 3000 mg of L-Citrulline and 1500 mg of L-Arginine that causes immense pump for more blood flow through vessels
  • ENHANCES MUSCLE SYNTHESIS: MB Pre-Workout 300 is loaded with 300 mg Caffeine to help you stay vigilant for a power-packed workout, and 2000 mg of BCAAs to aid the nutrient rush for new muscle synthesis
  • PREVENTS FATIGUE: This pre-workout supplement contains 1050 mg of Vitamin B1 that helps prevent fatigue and muscle loss. Vitamin B6 triggers the production of testosterone that helps in muscle synthesis. Vitamin B3 assists in anabolic muscle growth and a huge increase in muscle mass
  • SUPPORT METABOLISM: This pre-workout drink has BioPerine which enhances metabolism to help achieve your weight management goals faster
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOURS: This pre-workout supplement for men and women is available in two refreshing flavours- Fruit Punch and Melon Twist to make a tasty health drink for your bodybuilding goal

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MuscleBlaze Pre Workout 300, 300 mg Caffeine, 3000 mg Citrulline (Melon Twist, 250 g, 31 Servings)

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