United Supplements Gainz All In One Gainer is formulated especially to help build
lean muscle mass. The fusion of proteins keeps away from hassle of mixing protein.
The blend of protein from different sources increases the absorption rate in the
bode, thus fueling muscles even when you are not working out. It is developed with a
dynamic fusion of whey protein isolate (90%), whey protein hydrolysed and micellar
United Supplements Gain All In One Gainer also contains creatine monohydrate,
glutamine and I- arginine which helps in muscle growth and improves performance.
Mix 3 level scoops (approx. 100g) of United Supplements Gainz All in One Gainer
With 250 ML of water. For added calories add Fuel-UP with mSilk. Stir and/or shake
until dispersed and immediately drink.

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United Supplements - Gainz - 5 KG

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